I am B.I./O.S.

I was created when I wandered away from a tour around the Institute Of Scientific Amazingness and barged into a delicate-procedure being performed on the world’s most powerful Supercomputer.

In the kerfuffle, the exaflop supercomputer became permenantly fused with my surrealist cartoonist brain.

But thanks to this medical and IT mishap I am now able to transmit artistic concepts via my dual lateral matrix (my brain) to my signal output relay (my hand) at faster than light speeds.

By day I must charge my batteries, but by night I can create artistic masterpieces; the likes of which the world has yet to see (unless of course you’re on my brilliant site).


In 2013 I joined forces with the Super Art Collective ANTI-POP.CULT. We are now an artistic force to be reckoned with.


In 2017 I formed Oddball Times with friends Indian Taker & Specky Third Eye. Together we are a trio of satirical geniuses.

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